Critical Mass Port Elizabeth Cycle Group – Ride this Friday!


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 “I want to ride my bicycle!”

Critical Mass is a global movement of cyclists who get together to promote safe cycling, to create a city cycling community and help people engage with their city by bike.

The ride on Friday has been confirmed as 6:30pm at Kings Beach, Friday 25th January.
Bring spares and a good attitude to fellow road users.
Lots of fairy lights are optional, but make yourself visible.
Lyrca NOT a prerequisite – wear what you are comfortable with.
Everyone welcome
Please wear a helmet, your thoughts are important.

Critical Mass PE started at the end of October 2012.
It is a mixed bunch of people, all are welcome. Lycra is not a prerequisite, wear what you are comfortable in – shorts, mini skirt, jeans, fancy dress….
It is by definition an unorganized ride, it is organic and changes with the people who join, some ride in solidarity with those who have died on the roads, others ride for the thrill of it!
You have responsibility for yourself and for making the ride fun, safe and accessible to everyone. Please bring a cheerful attitude, bike spares, and look out for each other on the ride.
It is NOT about ‘reclaiming the road’ from cars, it is about showing all road users that it is fun and possible to cycle in PE, that we can co-exist with other road users, and most importantly that it is enjoyable.

The Critical Mass Ride is always on the Last Friday of the Month, it starts from Kingsbeach parking at 6:30pm and takes the route chosen by the people at the front of the ride. It is very leisurely and usually involves a half way stop.



Find Critical Mass PE on Facebook:


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