Welcome to 2013

cropped-nmbtn-logo-header2.jpgWelcome to 2013! We hope this year is filled with interesting opportunities, community spirit and resilience building… Lets get to it shall we…

Newsletter - January 2012First up, our monthly GreenDrinks evenings kick off again on Thursday 17 January. Same time, same place (7pm, 6 Morrison Str, Glendinningvale, PE)

For those who want to learn how to start and maintain their own organic food garden, Urban Harvest Workshop: Eastern Cape will be running a 2-day food growing workshop on 26 + 27 January. Details here…

Happy Harvesters received a great response from you last year, so we’ll be starting that up again in February. More on that nearer the time as details are finalized.

Organic Footprints are back online for 2013… so if you want to do your bit to support local and organic farmers, visit the website and see what they have available. They’ve got certified organic seed on there and soon they’ll have organic household cleaning products and personal-care products on the list… www.organicfootprints.co.za

The Critical Mass PE cycling group will be doing their first ride for the year on Friday 25 January. So if you want to get off the car and support a growing cycling culture in the city, be sure to join them. Route still to be confirmed. Contact Thalia for more information: thalia.eccles@nmmu.ac.za or 0761327862

The noPEnuke website is up and running. The noPEnuke is a group formed last year to oppose the planned Nuclear 1 Power Plant at Thyspunt. Find the website here, and the the facebook page here.

There are some very interesting news articles on green issues on the  GreenTimes website. Read about SA’s first green cycle lane in Cape Town, the possibility of cities drinking recycled water, the diversity of life in soil and more at http://thegreentimes.co.za/

Want to see what happening around the world in Transition last month? Check out the December round up on Transition Culture:

Remember we’ll be on Kingfisher FM again each week chatting about Transition and various other green issues in the metro. We’ll let you know when that starts up again and what we’ll be covering. To those of you who have been listening to our previous talks on air, we’d like some feedback from you. Feel free to send us comments or questions via email or on our facebook page.kfm-Greenhour

Alrighty then… so this year we want to see big change in our city, but its going to require all hands on deck. Its time to get more involved, to take all those great ideas you’re sitting on and put them into motion. Lets make some big leaps in building local resilience in 2013!

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