Newsletter Oct 2012

NMB TN Newsletter – Oct 2012

We’re well into the [rather wet] second half of October already. This year seems to be flying by. Lets have a look at what has been happening over the last month, and what to expect for the next one.

Our Happy Harvesters event this month was a great success. We had a number of stalls set up with plants, seeds, worm farms and snacks for sale. Our topic for the day was the importance of seed saving and preserving seed diversity. A few folks showed serious interest in the idea of starting up a community seed bank. We’re busy doing some more research into that and will get people together soon to discuss it further. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos from the day. We expect our next one should be towards the end of November. We’ll keep you updated on that. Thank you so far to those that have been supporting; it has been great to connect with so many fellow food gardeners.

Urban Harvest – Cape Recife charity garden at the Addo Rose Show

The following weekend was the Addo Rose and Garden Show which was very well attended with numbers reaching around 5000 (which is much more than the previous year). There was a lot to see and learn. We had friends in the Speakers Corner covering topics of permaculture, worm farming, and natural building. The Charity Garden competition was something to see, and we were excited to hear that the Urban Harvest – Cape Recife garden won! Well done to them, and well done to the organizers of the whole event.

Green Overall opening night – 9 Oct

We popped in to the Green Overall on 9 Oct for their official opening at Sunridge Village Shopping Centre. They have a range of interesting products that can help green the home. From rainwater harvesting and bio-washballs, to recycled  bottles turned into drinking glasses and plastic bags into hats and better bags. They are also now a designated public collection point for all your waste cooking oil which will be manufactured into premium biodiesel by Greentech Biofuels.


GreenCycle are selling these “Tetrabins”, made locally, using your juice and milk cartons R140 each (free delivery to existing customers). You can see them at the Green Overall, Sunridge Village. Contact GreenCycle direct to get yours. They also have a range of other recycling bins available which you can find on their website:

We’ve now teamed up with the Kingfisher FM crew and will be participating regularly in their Green Hour between 1 and 2pm on Mondays with Gareth Burley. Today (Monday 22 Oct) they will be speaking with Greentech Biofuels. Next month, one of the main topics will be urban agriculture. So be sure to tune (103.8 and 107.5fm) in and stay up-to-date with green issues and initiatives both locally and abroad.

Thats all from us for now. If you haven’t already, be sure to “Like” our Facebook page where we regularly put up links that don’t always find their way into our newsletters.

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