WESSA Coastal Cleanup 14 Sept

Dear WESSA members and supporters

This year marks the 27th Annual International Coastal Clean-up – the world’s biggest clean-up organised by the Ocean Conservancy, where global volunteers head to the beaches and remove debris from shorelines, waterways and oceans. The aim of this clean-up is to remove the rubbish; while collecting valuable information about it; to heighten public awareness of the causes of litter and debris; and to make a positive change and promote water pollution prevention efforts.

The Cape Recife Conservancy and WESSA invites you, your family, friends and colleagues to participate in the clean-up with us.
Date: Friday 14th September 2012
Time: 2:30 pm, lasting to 4:30 pm
Venue: Picnic area at the eastern entrance to the Noordhoek Ski-boat Club, Marine Drive, Cape Recife.

We recommend that participants wear long pants and shoes that can get dirty. We will supply rubber gloves and bags. But if you have your own garden or work gloves, they may serve you better.

Almost all marine litter comes from land. It blows off our streets, and ends up in our seas. Not only does it pollute our seas, but marine animals (like Cape fur seals) are often found with serious injuries due to entanglement. Some die from strangulation, while animals like turtles and gannets starve because they swallow rubbish mistaking it for prey. Last year we collected 49 bags of rubbish, weighing some 259 Kgs from this small area. Hope you can join us in improving our coastline!

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