Newsletter – June/July 2012

Newsletter June/July 2012

 June has been a very interesting June with GreenWeek at the Alliance Francaise, a number of events taking place in Baakens Valley, the BVCP Champions Forum, Richmond Hill Music Festival, Donkin Downhill Dash, and several exhibition openings as part of the national Arts Fest… Madiba Bay has been quite abuzz.

GreenDrinks PE - May 2012

GreenDrinks PE – May 2012

Thanks to everyone who has attended our GreenDrinks evenings. The last few have been particularly interesting and we’ve had a few new faces which is always nice. Havent been to Green Drinks yet? Why not join us for our next one on 19 July!


The Guardian Of The Mulch at the permaculture and pest managment workshop – June 2012

We had a great workshop in June on permaculture and pest management in the garden, which was attended by around 10 people.  We will organize another gathering of food gardeners soon!

On the note of workshops, Urban Harvest have two coming up: first is the intro to food gardening 2-day workshop taking place on 4-5 August, then on 11 August is a natural building workshop, both in JBay. You can contact Jakkie ( or Susan ( for more info and to book your spot.

Since CANE national chairperson Mike Kantey’s presentation in May about the proposed nuclear plant at Thyspunt, a team has formed here to get more involved in building local opposition to it. They go by the name of NoPEnuke, and last week had their second strategy meeting, the first one being in mid June where we also had a member of the Thyspunt Alliance present to assist. A website is being planned, while data is gathered for a presentation to be used for awareness raising. If you want to get involved or keep up to date, drop Ryan ( or Lana ( and email and they’ll add you to the mailing list. You can also find NoPEnuke on Facebook

On to the fracking issue… there are a couple of interesting events taking place in Nieu Bethesda (about 40min outside Graaff Reinet) for Global Anti Fracking Day

Come join us in Nieu-Bethesda for a special anti-fracking concert by Steve Newmann and Greg Georgiades, with several other events, including an activist training workshop and pre-concert rally, making up a weekend of activities to bring together and strengthen the campaign against fracking in the Karoo. There will also be a special morning market in Nieu-Bethesda on the 28th July.
The events for the weekend will be as follows:
Friday 27 July:
19h00: Screening of ‘Unearthed: The documentary’ preview and discussion. Venue tbc.
Saturday 28 July:
10h30–15h00: Anti-fracking activist training workshop, Old Church Hall, Nieu-Bethesda.
Introducing newly developed, simplified resource materials to reach all communities, even where there are high levels of illiteracy. Entrance is free and all are welcome, but booking is essential: contact
15h30–17h00: Second screening of ‘Unearthed: The documentary’ preview. Venue tbc.
17h30 for 18h00: Pre-concert rally, with various speakers. Dress up, bring posters and banners and let’s make a visual splash! We will send out a press release with photos afterwards. (The pre-concert rally will end at 18h45.)
19h00–21h00: Steve Newmann and Greg Georgiades concert, Old Church Hall. Tickets are R100 each. For more information and bookings, call 049 841 1642 or 072 742 7113.

Greywater recycling system

If you are wanting to start recycling your greywater at home, school, or a project you are involved with, Ryan, together with a few others, has developed a low-tech, efficient system for cleaning your greywater so that it is suitable for irrigation. You can contact him for more details if you are interested:

To close, a couple of things for you to have a look at. First is WESSA EC’s July Newsletter. Lastly, check out whats going on around the globe in Transition in latest roundup on Transition Culture:

Work is under way for some interesting events in August and September…we’ll be filling you in more on that soon…

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