Workshop : Pest management in the food garden 17 June 2012

Workshop: Pest management in the food garden
17 June 2012 

The NMB Transition Network invites you to a half-day workshop on dealing with pests and disease in the food garden.

Ladybugs are a gardeners best friend when it comes to keeping aphids under control

After a gathering of food gardeners from our previous workshops, this seemed to be one of the main issues that they would like to look at in more detail.

We will recap on the ethics, principles and basic concepts of permaculture.

Then look at various ways of dealing with pests and disease such as :

– companion planting/polycultures/guilds
– organic sprays (using Effective Microbes and other recipes)
– and of course, you cant look at pests without looking at your soil. And you can look at your soil without looking at your water. So we will be covering those briefly too.

The workshop will be facilitated by the Renewable Energy Centre team: Alhyrian Laue, Ryan Allan, and Pierrelouis Lemercier.

Date: 17 June 2012
Time: 10am – 3pm
Venue:  Tegan’s place, 6 River Rd, Redhouse
     We will move across to Alhyrian’s house which is around
 corner from Tegan’s 
Cost: R100
Tea and coffee will be supplied; lunch however is a bring and share 

Space is limited so please book your spot by contacting Ryan on 083 265 2465 or

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