NMB Transition Network Newsletter April/May 2012

NMB Transition Network Newsletter April/May 2012 

Lets start of with an interesting article about how the Greeks are responding to high unemployment and the collapse of their economy. Greece gives us a nice look at just how vulnerable the current system is, not just in Europe, but around the globe. The lack of local resilience in most communities around the world is cause for concern. Some may argue that “Oh, that will never happen to us” or “Our economy is more than stable; we have nothing to worry about”….and while that may be a nice thought, what if that isn’t quite the case? Would it not be better to build in that necessary resiliance at a local level now, rather than be taken by surprise later when things may begin to unravel? One thing we were taught on our permaculture training is to design for disaster. That way, should a disaster occur, and least you would have taken it into account and designed your site appropriately so that it is able to deal with it and roll with the punches so to speak. Something to consider. Anyway…on to the article…

What is especially interesting to note there is how through the crisis they are “rediscovering [their] values”. I’ve often been in discussions about energy, the economy and climate change where most would agree that at the core of the issue is a loss of values, and that as the process of globalization inevitably reverses, so emerges the potential for those values to be regained. Another something to ponder on?

In other news…

Organic Footprints have an exciting announcement to make regarding additions to available products…find out more by following the link below. These guys are definitely worth supporting, because in doing so you are also supporting local and organic producers!

Urban Harvest have informed me about a surplus of some plants that they are selling off. Comfrey @ R8 per plant, and Rocket and Mustard Leaf Lettuce each at R6 for 6 plants. Contact Jakkie if your interested via email (jakki.botha@gmail.com) or call 0799340689. Delivery included. They are also running another 2-day food gardening workshop in June. Find more details here…

If you’re interested in attending a Permaculture Design Certification course, Hazel Mugford is hosting the course in Addo this month. You can find out more by emailing her at info@permaculturesouthafrica.com

Today (5 May 2012) we had a gathering with a few folks who attended our food gardening workshops last year to catch up, see where they’re at, and discuss a few ideas. There we a few things that everyone agreed they’d like to know more about, like guilding and maintaining healthy soil, and pest control, so we’ll be arranging a small workshop on that within the next two months. We’d also like to see more food gardeners in the metro come together on a regular basis, so we’ll be looking into that as well. Just a space for fellow food gardeners to meet, share ideas, seeds, surplus produce etc. Interested? Then drop us an email and we’ll keep you posted.

Baakens Valley Community Partnership Freedom Day Picnic In The Park – April 2012

Oh and a thank you to all those that came out to the Baakens Valley Freedom Day Picnic that took place in Settlers Park on 27 April. The weather held out well and everyone seemed to have a pleasant time. Its great to see more people now able to enjoy the Baakens Valley thanks to the work of various organizations, groups and individuals involved in the BVCP.

Curious about whats been happening in Transition around the globe? Check out the latest round-up on TransitionCulture

And to close, another interesting article, this time by Tim Hewitt-Coleman on compact green cities…

Upcoming Events
17 May – Green Drinks
20 May – PDC with Hazel Mugford (runs for 2 weeks)
2 June – SAMREC Potjiekos Competetion
9-10 June – Urban Harvest Food Gardening Workshop

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