NMB TN Newsletter – February 2012


Newsletter – February 2012

So, do you want the good news first or the bad? Ending the newsletter off with the bad news probably wouldn’t be very nice of me, so lets start with that.

In a recent report, it was found that South Africa has one of the most rapidly deteriorating environments. The fact that we have some of the best environmental legislation in the world yet still find ourselves in this situation says a lot about our government’s ability to apply them. So if they aren’t able (or willing) to do something about it, who will? The state of our environment is everyone’s responsibility and we can all do our small bit (or big if you prefer) to improve it.

For many, food is the best place to start making changes. Not only is it an area where results come quickly, and is incredibly rewarding if you’re growing your own, it can also address ecological, social and economic issues simultaneously. Below are a couple of articles with others’ perspectives on this…

Urban Farming On The Rise Nationwide (USA)

Turn Yards Into Farms (SA) http://www.timeslive.co.za/opinion/columnists/2012/01/31/turn-yards-into-farms

Gardening For Hope (SA)

What are we doing to help things along? Well, we’re planning on having a gathering later this month with participants from last year’s food gardening workshops. We feel its important to connect food gardeners in the metro. And to build on this we thought to perhaps set up a bigger monthly gathering for food gardeners to come together, network, share ideas, best practices and even surplus produce. Perhaps even do something similar to the GROFUN project in Bristol. But before going ahead with that, we need to know how many of you would be interested in this?

What else can you do? Why not take advantage of Urban Harvest’s container garden special which ends this month. You’d be surprised as to how much you can food you can get out of a couple of containers. They are also running an Intro to food gardening workshop in March, which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to go about growing their own food, and then there’s a ferrocement water tank workshop in April at the sandbag house they have been building in Jeffreys Bay.

And if you want to shift over to buying healthier food, there’s Organic Footprints which provides a great service in PE of sourcing and delivering freshly picked local and organic produce. You can find out more and place your orders on their website: http://www.organicfootprints.co.za

And to make sure things close on positive note…thousands of groups around the world are rolling up their sleeves and doing what they can to make a difference. Check out the January round-up of whats happening out in the world of Transition to see what just some of them are doing.

Upcoming Events

21 Feb – Theescombe Residents Association AGM (this will include a presentation on wetlands)

March 15 – Green Drinks

March 24 + 25 – Urban Harvest Intro To Food Gardening Workshop

April 2 -6 – Urban Harvest Ferrocement Water Tank Workshop




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