Urban Harvest – Intro To Food Gardening Workshop 24 + 25 March 2012

Introduction To Food Gardening Workshop
24 + 25 March 2012

Kouga Urban Harvest will be running a two-day workshop on everything that you need to know about organic gardening. The different topics will include:

One of the gardens set up by Urban Harvest

– Introduction to Permaculture/Organinc Gardening
– Choosing your site and designing your beds
– Preparing the beds/Container gardening
– How to plant: Crop rotation and Companion Planting
– Mulching and Recycling
– Watering
– Harvesting/Soil building
– Compost and Earthworms
– Pest Control

The course will be very practical, with all of the topics being illustrated in the garden, so bring your sunscreen with! The whole aim will be to teach you how to be self sufficient, so even though its main focus is on food production, we will cover everything from planning to harvesting. A healthy, fresh vegetarian meal will be served on both days and the participants will also receive a starting kit with a manual.

Costs are R800 for the weekend, but a 15 % discount will be given to pensioners as well as participants that bring their gardeners along for the course.

The workshop will be taking place in Jefferey’s Bay (15 Spekboom Str) and lessons will be in English as well as Afrikaans.

If you are interested and would like to book, please email Jakkie Botha at jakkie@urbanharvest.co.za, or phone on 079 934 0689.

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