NMB TN Newsletter 24/11/2011

Newsletter – 24/11/2011

Our newsletters will be going out on a less frequent basis for a while, perhaps only once a month. In between that though, invitations to various events taking place in the metro will still be finding their way into your inbox.

Stephen explains organic soil managment

On to whats been happening… starting with last week’s workshops, facilitated by Stephen ‘Earthworm’ Barrow. We had 9 people in attendance at the Grow Organic Food workshop on Thursday, and 6 on Friday for the other on Effective Micro-organisms. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, we’ll be having more of these workshops next year as we continue to promote local food security (which all starts in your backyard).
Here are some photos from the workshops:

Canzibe Blue Print

So for those of you on Facebook: Total South Africa have selected 6 Eco-Pioneer projects that stand to win R20 000 to assist with the work they are doing. Canzibe Primary School, one of WESSA’s Eco-Schools that we have often mentioned in our newsletters, is one of those projects. But to improve their chances of winning, you have to vote for them, so head over to the Total South Africa facebook page and cast your vote!


And here’s the video clip on what Canzibe has been up to! They really have set the example we hope to see many other schools throughout the metro following.

Rocket stove

If you’re the DIY type, here’s a video Build your own Rocket stove using ‘upcycled’ tin cans:

And if you really want to get fancy, you could build yourself a toilet out of computer parts:

True-blue beach effort pays off

True-blue beach effort pays off. Photo: Ivor Markman

We’re pleased to let you know that Humewood Beach has regained its Blue Flag status. Keep up the good work WESSA!

“Hoisting the blue: Humewood lifeguard, Thomas Plaatjies, left, WESSA conservation officer Morgan Griffiths and portfolio chairperson Couincilor Babalwa Lobishe celebrated the the return yesterday of Humewood Beach’s Blue Flag status.”

Now for those of you who are interested in COP17, the big international climate change conference, which is taking place in Durban from 28 Nov until 9 Dec, you can find a program for the various events taking place on the Durban Climate Change Partnership website : http://www.durbanclimate.org.za/
We’ll be going through to check it out, and will also be involved in a discussion titled “Climate Change Demands Inner Change” which should be quite interesting. In recent years the COP talks have been nothing but disappointing. This year, we hope, will be different. What we’re interested to see though is what people on the ground are getting up to. There will be great opportunities to network with different NGOs and civil society groups who are working at grassroots level and getting things done.

Its always nice to close things off on a light note, so here’s a catchy tune inspired by one of the principles of permaculture (Produce No Waste)… There’s no such thing as waste

Upcoming Events

26 Nov: Cheese and Wine Fundraiser for SAMREC

26 Nov: Guided Nature Trail – Baakens Valley

29 Nov: BaakensValleyCommunityPartnership Champions Forum

28 Nov – 9 Dec: COP17

(if your event isnt on our website calendar, be sure to send us details so we can add it)

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