NMB TN Newsletter 26/10/2011

Newsletter 26/10/2011

In the news this week….

First up, thank you to everyone who attended our GreenDrinks evening last week. What a turnout! Great food, great company, and plenty of interesting conversation!

We had the pleasure of attending a graduation ceremony at Canzibe Primary School on 14 October where a number of school pupils and members of the surrounding community were awarded certificates for completing their training in permaculture food gardening with Jakkie Botha from Urban Harvest. Canzibe Primary School, situated in Motherwell, is one of WESSA’s Eco-Schools and a model for other schools throughout the metro. Something that really struck me about it was how integrated it is with the surrounding community, offering space on their premises for a number of ladies to grow their own food. Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

This year’s Marine Week at SAMREC closed off with the Cape Recife Ramble on Saturday morning. We decided to join in and get some exercise. The walk took us round the beach on the Cape Recife, past the lighthouse to the old penguin rehabilitation site, and up to the old fort. The day ended back at SAMREC – SA Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre with a tour of the facilities and a talk on what is threatenting marine life on our coast line. Morgan Griffiths from Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) was there to talk about a few things along the walk, as well as Alan Fogarty, from Alan Tours, who spoke on how the lighthouse there came to be. You can find pictures from the event at the following link:

Something I have been fascinated with since doing the Permaculture Design Course at Berg-En-Dal recently, is the idea of food forests. “A Food Forest is built to emulate a real forest — only we fill it with the food plants and trees that we want.” So it is an extremely efficient way to produce abundant and diverse yields. Here’s more on food forests and what they’re about…
And if you want to see a rather old and still highly productive one, take a look at this 2000 yr old food forest in Morocco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hftgWcD-1Nw

And a bit of creative recycling for you…
Some of you may remember the wallet I bought from Mamelani Projects in Cape Town which was made out of a recycled Jungle Oats box. Well here is another set of wallets, only they are made of old billboards and seat belts…

We’re looking for some feedback on our newletters: are you happy with them the way they are, or are there other things you would like to see included? Are they too frequent? Any other thoughts?

Also, please remember to let us know if you have any ‘green’ related events coming up so we can put them up on our calendar.

Thats all for now…

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