NMB TN Newsletter 12/10/2011

Newsletter 12/10/2011

 And we’re back after two weeks at Berg-En-Dal, just outside Ladismith, articipating in the Permaculture Design Course. I highly recommend it to anyone interested sustainable human settlements, organic farming, or even just small-scale, backyard food gardening. We met some very interesting people and it was encouraging to see many of the particpicants in their 20s, all eager to make some positive change in the world around them.

Lets getting started then by taking a look at whats been happening around the world in Transition in September..

SEED doing great work running permaculture workshops in the country, working not only with schools, but villagers as well…

In my opinion, permaculture should be applied to every level of education: primary, secondary and tertiary. Here’s what can happen when university students start getting into it…

Keeping with the theme of food…
I recently put the question out there to all of you how you envision your neighbourhood to be if it were to make that shift from oil dependence to local resilience. One of the responses was for shops/grocery stores to have rooftop food gardens, like this one in London… http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/10/rooftop-supermarket-garden.php

Woolworths is actually running a very interesting initiative called the Living Wall, which some of you may have seen on 50|50 this past Monday night. The idea is this: for every virtual seedling planted on the Living Wall, Woolworths will actually donate a seedling to be planted at a a school with an EduPlant permaculture food garden! An this all to commemorate World Food Day on 16 October. Over 1000 virtual seedlings have been planted since Monday night (mine was number 36). To show your support by adding your own seedling to the mix, visit  http://woolworthslivingwall.co.za/

Here is an article I found very interesting written recently by Rob Hopkins on Localization as economic development:

recycle clocks, michole madden, motorcycle part clocks, recycled motorcycle part clock, green design, eco design, sustainable design, green products, green home furnishings On the lighter side of things, here are acouple of funky, creative ideas:

a bus-turned-library:

and clocks made out of recycled motorcycle parts

Before closing off, I’m curious to know how many of you may be interested in doing a workshop in either organic food gardening or working with Effective Microorganisms (which those of you who attended our Intro To Permaculture workshop may remember being introduced to very briefly)? I have a friend from Nieu Bethesda who has been involved with organic food production and certification for several years, passing through in November and is willing to run these workshops so if you are interested, be sure to let me know so we can start planning!

Upcoming Events

20 Oct – GreenDrinks

22 Oct – Marine Week Cape Recife Ramble

9-11 Nov – Global Carbon Exchange – Carbon Footprint Analyst Course in PE

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