Fracking Information Evening – 4 Oct 2011

No Fracking in The Karoo!
Information Evening – 4 Oct 2011

Please support the anti –fracking movement.

Shell (and others) are wanting to frack the Karoo for gas What this means is that thousands of square kilometres of land in the Karoo will be littered with gas drills. These drills use millions of litres of water each time they are “fracked” and this is about the least off our worries. Thousands of litres of highly toxic chemicals are also pumped into each well and are pumped into the ground to a depth of about 5km.

What does this mean to you or me? The gases which are emitted from the wells are highly toxic to animals, plants and humans resulting in an untimely death for most who are exposed to these emissions.

To us in Port Elizabeth it means that the water which supplies the Gamtoos Valley and the Sundays River valley, which are major food growing areas will be polluted with highly toxic chemicals.

To find out more about this we invite you to join us to listen to Derek Light and Dougie Stern.
Derek is the lawyer representing the farmers.
Dougie is a Karoo farmer who has been to America to find out first hand what the outcome of fracking has been in the USA.
Dougie will show a DVD taken in America of the disasters caused by fracking. The length of the DVD is about 45mins.
Derek will introduce us to the concept of frackiing and will talk for about 30mins. There will be time for questions later.

TIME : 7.00PM FOR 7.15

Tea and coffee will be available (included in the cost)

QUERIES: Gillian Nutt 041 365 5256

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