NMB TN Newsletter – 13/09/2011



Newsletter – 13/09/2011

After 7 weeks of downtime in Nieu Bethesda, I’m back in PE with the rest of the team briefly before heading off to Berg-En-Dal, together with Alhyrian (who some of you may remember as one of the co-facilitators of the Intro To Permaculture workshop in February) to attend the Permaculture Design Course at the end of the month. After that we hope to arrange more food gardening workshops to help you get started on growing your own, organic fresh produce.

I noticed during my time in the Klein Karoo just how expensive food is getting and it has motivated me to put that much more effort into growing as much of it as I can at home. While climate change and peak oil are reason enough, the fact that producing my own food will lighten the load on my wallet sure helps you to actually get up and do it. This seems to be the motivating factor for many others as well as the economic situation around the world becomes increasingly shaky:





The garden can become more than just a source of food for yourself, but an opportunity for sharing amongst friends and family, or even a extra source of income. This family has been producing their own wine from the grape vine growing up along their building, and not just one or two bottles either. In 2009 they collected enough grapes to make 150 bottles of wine.



And if either you have no garden space, or its already packed with productive plants, there is always guerilla gardening. You’d be surprised how much shabby space their is within the city just begging for a few plants to be snuck in. Even the Duchess of Cornwall is doing it…



Now someone else I happened to meet while in Nieu Bethesda was Mr Dough Stern, a farmer in the Karoo, who recently made a trip to the U.S to do some investigation of his own into the issue of fracking which currently threatens not only the Karoo but now also the Drakensberg area. Mr Stern is busy doing a series of presentations in different areas to share his findings. Next week Monday (19 Sept) he will be at Rhodes University in Grahamstown presenting at 5pm in the Barratt Lecture theatre room # 1. He will also be coming through to PE in October together with Derek Light, a lawyer in Graaf Reinet who is representing a number of farmers in the area who appose applications by Shell and others to explore for shale gas in the Karoo. More details on that a soon as I get them. In the mean time, here are two recent press articles on fracking in SA, one of which covers the Drankensberg situation:




This Thursday (15 Sept) is our monthly GreenDrinks evening.  It is also the same night of the Climate Reality Project’s 24 Hours Of Reality streaming event. For 24 hours across 24 time zone, presentations will be held on the climate crisis. Hopefully we can plug into this from our GreenDrinks venue, but for those of you staying home, why not invite some friends over and watch it live at http://climaterealityproject.org/

Upcoming Events in September

12 – 16 Sept – Clean Up SA week

15 Sept – Green Drinks
                – Climate Reality Project streaming presentation

19 Sept – Presentation @ Rhodes on Fracking (by Mr Dough Stern who recently traveled to the US to do some research of his own)

24 Sept – SAMREC Penguin Plod – Flyer

Events for Clean Up week and International Coastal Cleanup Day

16 Sept – WESSA- International Coastal Cleanup Day (meet at 14:30 at the picnic area at the eastern entrance to the Noodehoek Ski-boat Club, Marine DriveCape Recife)

18 Sept – Sardinia Conservancy – Bushy Park Cleanup (meet 9am @ Bushy Park main farm gate)

Please pass on details of any other cleanups and events not listed here so I can put them out in another reminder before the weekend.



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