NMB TN Newsletter 09/07/2011

 Newsletter 12/07/2011

Its been a busy time for our NMB Transition Network committee members with lots happening behind the scenes. Discussions around COP17 and the national climate change response strategy, engaging with the youth, visioning for a renewed Baakens River Valley, drawing up plans for sustainable neighbourhoods etc. But perhaps more needs to be happening on the ground. That’s where you come in. This is your movement after all. So if you are doing work to become more resilient in an oil-scarce future, let us know. If you want to share what you are doing, or have some ideas you are wanting to start up but need some help, again, let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

In the meantime, we’ll do our best to keep supplying you with interesting links and information with things going on locally and around the globe.

Lets start with a look at all things Transition going on around the world…Check out the latest round-up on TransitionCulture:


Its always great to see schools taking the lead in addressing environment-related issues. This school in India seems to mirror the ideas of Garbage Warrior, Michael Reynolds, in its construction. Now recycling becomes a tangible thing for students, learning about it not just from text books, but from the very environment they are in.

recycled book bench, bench of thought, banco de pensamiento alvaro tamarit, repurposed book furniture, recycled book furniture, tamarit recycled book sculpture

Now here are two funky chair ideas for the home (or at least my kind of home). The first is a bench made out of old books. The second link has a few different ways to repurpose old seat belts, my favourite being the last one where they are used to make a hammock.




For the DIY types, here is a video on building your own compost tumbler:

vegmead park photoIn the June round-up of whats going on around the world in Transition, there is a great time-lapse video of a veggie garden being set up in a park by the Transition Bath group in the UK:

Here’s a cool idea: What if municipality offered unused land to keen gardeners to produce food, all or a large portion of which would be donated to community programs?

I’m sure others will agree now that food gardening has a rather interesting power for both personal and community upliftment. Many are starting to use any and all open space they have available to them, even their front lawns. But some seem to have an issue with that. A woman in Michigan is facing jail time for planting productive, edible plants in her front yard. Absurdity at its best; read more here:

Upcoming Events

21 July 2011 – Green Drinks

15-19 August 2011 – Natural Building Workshop

18 August 2011 – Green Drinks

In closing, there is a competition that may be of interest to those of you who have studied and are doing research in sustainable development. Its called the Green Talents 2011 Competition and you can get more info about it here:  http://www.dialogue4s.de/en/338.php



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