NMB TN Newsletter – 20/06/2011

Newsletter – 20/06/2011

In the news this week…..

Natural Building Workshop

IMG00317-20110419-1643I’ve often mentioned the sandbag house being built in Jeffereys Bay by Jakkie and Susan Botha from Urban Harvest; well now they are organizing a workshop there in August to share the skills and experience of building with natural materials. Follow the link below for more info and be sure to book your spot as space is limited.

You can also view Susan’s blog about her experiences with building the house here: http://sandbaghouseinjbay.wordpress.com/

Organic Footprints

I’m excited to finally be able to share this via our network: Organic Footprints, a local food box scheme is ready to supply to a much larger group of subscribers.  A lot of the produce they source is organic (some certified, some not) and/or as local as possible.  If you are interested in receiving the weekly price/availability list, or just want to find out how it all works,  drop Nicola an email at nicolaschwim@gmail.com

Some other links you might find interesting…

Here is one of my favourite presentations by Rob Hopkins on Transition Towns which he gave recently at the Tagore Festival in the UK:

Using plastic bags to make bar stools?

I’ve just come across the Yes! Magazine website which seems to have a wealth of interesting articles. The first article I was linked to was this one about rebuilding community in Detroit:

Oil protest, photo by schoCreative

The second is this of Richard Heinberg’s speech to the students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute at their graduation ceremonies this year. Its a bit long, but worth the read. I always find Heinberg’s articles extremely informative and this one is rather inspiring.

Green Times has a new monthly column called Stoep Harvest which will provide tips on designing and maintaining your own organic veg and herb garden. You can find the first article here:

Local Seed Bank

I am wanting to start up a local seed bank in PE so that everyone can have easy access to organic and heirloom varieties of various plants, helping to preserve these varieties and build the resilience of our food system. To start it up though, I’m inviting you to contribute. If you have organic or heirloom seed that you’ve harvested and are willing to donate toward this, drop me an email at ryansnoopyallan@gmail.com

Upcoming Events
1 – 3 July 2011 – Growing Green Expo at Kirkwood Wildsfees

21 July 2011 – Green Drinks

15-19 August 2011 – Natural Building Workshop

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