NMB TN Newsletter 08/05/2011

Lets start with a look at whats been happening around the world in Transition… plenty of exciting stuff, so check out the latest round-up from last month on TransitionCulture:


The Worcester Polytechnic Institute had recently planned to lock students opposed to ExxonMobil out of their graduation ceremony… read the full story here…


Archbishop Desmond Tutu raises a good question… http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/05/how-can-we-protect-environment-desmond-tutu.php

Again… local resilience starts with food…

Transition Bath recently hosted an event titled “How Can We Grow More Food Locally?” Pam Warhurst gave a talk which you can watch here… http://transitionculture.org/2011/04/28/how-can-we-grow-more-food-locally-pam-warhurst-of-incredible-edible-todmorden-speaks-in-bath/

If you going to get creative in the garden, why not do the same in the kitchen and try some new recipes. Gita Loosz, from the Brahma Kumaris Lotus House in Glendinningvale, is now a contributor on Veegie.Buntch.net. Here is her first contribution: a tofu stirfry recipe… http://veggie.buntch.net/tofu-stirfry/

The NMB municipality has called for submissions from civil society groups and organizations of a vision for our metro. The deadline is 26 May, and we will be sure to try and send our vision for a low-carbon, locally resilient Nelson Mandela Bay.

Here’s an article that was in The Herald recently on how we might look at rejuvinating the Baakens River Valley: http://www.peherald.com/news/article/1199

For the arty types… here are a few links you may find interesting…

Interesting chairs: http://inhabitat.com/cassette-chair-is-recycled-seating-you-can-really-groove-to/  


Green Street Art: http://inhabitat.com/urban-moss-graffiti-by-edina-tokodi/


Plans are coming together for Green Week from 6 – 11 June. Just before this is World Environment Day on 5 June. If you have any events planned around this, be sure to let us know so we can help spread the word.

And don’t forget.. GreenDrinks evening on 19 May.

That’s all for now….

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