NMB TN Newsletter – 31/03/2011

Just as well I decided to leave this week’s newsletter for later in the week, in time for March roundup of whats happening around the world in Transition which was posted on the TransitionCulture website today. So if you are keen to see what other groups in different parts of the world have been up to… http://transitionculture.org/2011/03/31/a-march-round-up-of-what%E2%80%99s-happening-out-in-the-world-of-transition-2/

We held a very successful Intro To Food Gardening workshop this weekend at The Irie in Richmond Hill. We may just look at expanding the garden and doing another workshop there in a couple of months. I’m a regular there, so I look forward to having more of my lunches (which are amazing by the way) coming straight from the garden I have spent so much time in. We also set up a basic worm bin so less food waste gets sent to the landfills, and instead produces an natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer to feed back into the garden. Here are some photos from the event:  https://nmbtransitionnetwork.wordpress.com/gallery/intro-to-food-gardening-workshop-march-2011/

On the fracking side of things, environmental campaigner and endurance swimmer, Lewis Pugh, spoke at the public meeting in Cape Town regarding Shell’s application to explore and drill for gas in the Karoo. His speech was a powerful one and received a standing ovation from the public. Below are links to both the video and the transcript of his speech..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1JUB-j9Evc&feature=related http://lewispugh.posterous.com/the-day-we-stood-up-to-shell-what-was-said-to

Nice article in The Herald today (31 March)… Say No To Coega Refinery (Mthombo)  http://www.peherald.com/news/article/1023

The presentation introducing the Transition movement today at Walmer Library went very well. Thank you to the Friends Of Walmer Library for inviting me to speak. The talk was followed with some very interesting discussion, which for me is the best part of any such event.  If you have any recyclable stuff that you are wanting to get rid off, why not drop it off at the library where it can then be sold to generate some extra revenue for them. The library is signed up with The Waste Trade Company who come in and collect the waste, but be sure to call beforehand to make sure they do collect whatever recyclables you intend on bringing. You can also pop in and get yourself a leaflet with a list of various recycling initiatives, what they take and who to contact.

Keeping with the whole recycling thing…

I came across a very entertaining video of a recycling flash mob in a mall. Here’s to those who make an effort!  http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/03/recycling-flash-mob-shows-what-happens-when-you-do-the-green-thing-video.php

If you haven’t already picked up on it, I have a slight interest (understatement of note?) in creatively recontextualizing waste. So no newsletter, so long as I’m writing them, would seem complete without a link or two to some weird or wonderful recycling ideas…

Old travel cases used as bathroom cabinets? http://inhabitat.com/recycled-suitcases-transformed-into-charming-bathroom-vanities/

I always enjoy going to a restaurant or coffee shop that has all sorts of old, interesting objects salvaged from who knows where hanging on the walls or ceiling, or even being used to construct the tables.  This is probably why The Irie is one of my favourite places to eat (apart from how well priced the food is). You’ll notice in some of the photos from the food gardening workshop all sorts of salvaged objects, from an old-school fridge to a screen of plastic bottle tops strung together.

Here is a coffee shop in Queens thats also putting reclaimed materials to good use…http://inhabitat.com/nyc/the-queens-kickshaw-astoria-gets-a-new-coffee-shop-designed-using-local-reclaimed-materials/

For the artists…Robert Janson’s floating plastic bag sculptures  http://inhabitat.com/robert-jansons-floating-plastic-bag-sculptures-resemble-giant-pink-jellyfish/

Upcoming events

6 April 2011 – Presentation – Gardening techniques/Basics & Permaculture at Home                                                                Famhealth Medipark, 131 Springbok St, Gelvandale ,                                                                    19h00

Contact Dr Govender on jeffgov@global.co.za for more details

21 April 2011 – GreenDrinks – social evening for like-minded people to connect and just hang out.

22 April 2011 – Earth Day

And thats a wrap for this week….

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