EVENT – Presentation on the Transition Movement (Thursday 31 March)

You are invited to a presentation on …

The Transition Movement: From Oil Dependence to Local Resilience

presented by Ryan Allan

Rather than waiting for government and big business, communities around the world are stepping up to design and implement creative responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change, the two greatest challenges of our time. Its called the Transition Town movement and, while originating in Ireland, it has spread virally throughout the world. Transition recognizes these two issues as inseparable and looks to deal with them simultaneously through the relocalization of our resources and services, a process which can potentially strengthen local economies as well.

Venue: Walmer Library, Main Road, Walmer

Date: Thursday 31 March 2011

Time: 10am – 11:30am

Tea and coffee will be served after the presentation and there will be opportunity to share comments or ask questions

For more info, feel free to contact Ryan on 083 265 2465 or email ryansnoopyallan@gmail.com


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