NMB Transition Network Newsletter – 08/03/2011

Let’s see, what interesting stuff I can throw at you this week…

Sorting through my to-do list, I looked at the calendar and was pretty surprised to see we were in March already, and on the 26th of this month, for one hour, thousands (if not millions) of people around the world will be switching off for Earth Hour!

Earth Hour - LogoOne their website you will find the official video for Earth Hour 2011, along with more info about the occasion.


If you run a pub or restaurant why not make a big thing of it. Get in some live acoustic music for the hour, lighting the place with just candles or lanterns (just remember to charge the batteries). If you run a guesthouse, hotel or B&B, get your guests on board.

So let’s see you showing your support for this exciting initiative and kill the lights between 20h30 and 21h30 on March 26th, and if you have planned an event around it, be sure to let us know.

Keeping with wide-spread campaigns, another interesting one I have come across is Meat-Free Mondays.

Support Meat Free Mondays

The meat industry today is highly energy and water intensive. High global demand is putting tremendous strain on our environment with forests being cleared for ranches with their feed coming from vast monoculture farms (sometimes also located on once forested areas cleared for agricultural purposes) which also do their fair share of damage to the natural environment. By reducing (not necessarily eliminating) our demand for meat, we make a good step in addressing a variety of environmental issues such as deforestation and soil erosion which, together with the methane that vast quantities of cattle produce, contribute to climate change.

Reduced demand for meat also means reduced demand for oil which is used in a number of areas right from the production of the feed (remember monocultures need oil and natural gas based fertilizers and pesticides), through processing, packaging, and distribution.

To find out more about Meat-Free Mondays in SA, and to pledge your support, visit the website



Looking at what other Transition initiatives around the world are busy getting up to has ideas buzzing through my brain. One which really interested me was Transition Stroud’s upcoming Edible Open Gardens weekend. Over 20 edible gardens will be open for the public to visit, where the owner can share knowledge as well as their passion for growing. It’s a great way to promote local food security and inspire others to grow their own.

Now I know we have quite a few keen gardeners in PE, so how about we look at pulling off something like this? If you have an organic food garden, big or small, and would be interested to share it with the wider community, let me know then perhaps we can have own Edible Open Gardens Weekend in a couple of months.

Events in March:

15thSeminar on Population, Climate Change and Development in NMB Municipality.

Military Road conference centre, 08h30 – 14h00

17th – Green Drinks : 7pm, 6 Morrison Str, Glendinningvale

26th – as mentioned…its Earth Hour, so kill the lights between 20:30 – 21:30

31st – I will be giving a talk at Walmer Library introducing the Transition response. This will be open to the public, and is scheduled for 10am. More details on that nearer the time.

parking_15_copy2On the lighter side, here’s how to go about making a park of a parking space….


Here’s a bit more on the PARK(ing) interventions


And to close, here are some photos that capture the spirit of Transition taken by Transition groups from around the world.


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