NMB Transition Network Newsletter – 02/03/2011

And now for this week’s newsletter….

First, I’d like to apologize for any inconvenience caused on Saturday with regards to our film screening. The doorman for the venue never arrived to unlock for us, but thank you to Jean Wildervanck for saving the day and offering her venue in Walmer.

Otherwise, the screenings went well, both followed by some interesting discussions..

So we’ve made a start with food gardening workshops, but now I’d like to arrange a seed and plant swap event so fellow food growers can help one another out in sharing their excess seed(lings). I’m busy having a look at the seed swap events that some other Transition groups have done to get some ideas. For now it’s just that, an idea, but start saving those seeds anyway; it would be nice to set up a seed bank somewhere down the line.

Those of you who attended our Introduction To Permaculture workshop and happened to get photos of the event, please could you forward them to me. I have been invited to give a number of presentations on Transition this month and would like to use some of those images in the presentation to show what we are up to.

On that note, check out the Permaculture Magazine website for some interesting permaculture related articles (especially in the readers solutions section which has some nice DIY kind of stuff). Here’s a short one on making your own liquid fertilizerhttp://www.permaculture.co.uk/readers-solutions/how-make-liquid-fertiliser

Transition seems to be spreading nicely with the Jeffery’s Bay community now taking an interest and our Redhouse group will be starting their awareness raising phase with a series of film screenings starting this month. Globally, things are even more interesting. Here’s the February roundup of what’s happening out in the world of Transition:


On that round-up you’ll find some very interesting videos. One in particular that I enjoyed was titled Happy Birthday Heathrow which looks at a very successful first year in operation of one of Transition Heathrow’s projects, Grow Heathrow. This is Transition really making a difference in the lives of those involved

GreenDrinks this month will be on Thursday 17 March, so be sure to make a note of that in your diary. These monthly get-togethers have been great so far, giving those who have been attending a chance to meet and get to know like-minded people as well as share some ideas.

Richard Heinberg from the Post Carbon Institute, who you may recognize from a few of the films we’ve shown, will soon be releasing his next book titled The End Of Growth. Here’s a link to a Transition Voice interview with him on what he thinks lies ahead as energy declines accelerate and the world economy sinks further into recession.


On the creative side of things….

A Garden-Wrapped Waste Free Shipping Container Restaurant?


Now this is how you build a little wooden cabin…


A hotel in the Cradle Of Humankind area just underwent a very interesting revamp


In closing, here’s a video by Transition Worthing which asks people how they envision their town 20 years from now.


But my question to you is…How do you envision Nelson Mandela Bay in 2030?

Looking forward to your responses…

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