NMB Transition Network Newsletter – 22/02/2011

In the news this week…..

Introduction To Permaculture Workshop

This past weekend we had a very successful workshop at Lake Farm centre where 28 participants strengthened their knowledge of food growing in a way that works with nature rather than against it. The workshop was facilitated by Naomi Suzanne, who holds a certificate in Permaculture Design, Jakkie Botha from Kouga Urban Harvest, and artist, Alhyrian Laue. Once we get all the photos and video footage from the event sorted, I’ll be sure to set up a gallery page on our website so you can have a look at what happened. (if you have any photos from the event, please email them to me)
This workshop was the first of hopefully many to come which aim to equip us and our communities with the tools for building local food security. I hope to see participants teaming up regularly for work parties in the future, helping one another to get started with their gardens while also developing further their own knowledge of permaculture and food growing.
Well done to both facilitators and participants on a great weekend!
Environmental Film Screening
Some have been asking when we will be having our next screening, and you’ll be happy to know that we plan to host one this weekend. We’d like to keep to the theme of permaculture for this screening, so we will either show something on water harvesting or on permaculture in general. Details of that will be sent out once all is confirmed.
Urban Harvest on Pasella
Pasella recently had a “green” feature in which Susan Botha from Kouga Urban Harvest was interviewed and spoke a bit about food gardening in an eco-friendly way.
Here is a link to a video of the feature…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXifPv0bgMM
Urban Harvest have set up some very interesting programs for schools, communities, and corporates. I’ll be sending out a short article on Urban Harvest soon with info on these programs attached.
Waste@Solutions Recycled and Green Arts Exhibition
An art exhibition is opening this evening at EPSAC (36 Bird Str, Central) focused on waste and greening. Entrance for the exhibition is R50, and funds raised with go to New Rest & Zweliyadinga Community Art and Literacy Center in Seaview which aims to develop sustainable skills to assist community upliftment in art, advertising, literature, recycling and job creation. If you find R50 a bit heavy for an exhibition, you can also bring recyclable items for the centre to use.
Exhibition opens at 17:30 (22 Feb) and runs until 4 March.
Thyspunt Alliance Public Meeting
The Thyspunt Alliance, who are opposing the construction of a nuclear plant at Thyspunt, will be having a public meeting this evening (22 Feb) at  5pm at St Francis Links Resort, St Francis Bay.
For more on the Thyspunt Alliance, visit http://thyspuntalliance.blogspot.com/p/about.html
Transnet application to continue stockpiling manganese ore at harbour…
This application is up for public comment until 7 March, so be sure to send in your concerns. The article below featured in today’s Herald explains the situation and contains the address for comments to be sent to..
What to do with old fluorescent and energy saver light bulbs..
If you are unsure of what to do with your old energy saver and fluorescent light bulbs, I’m told Builders Express and Warehouse now have containers outside their stores for these items.
Some more links you may find interesting…

– Fracking up the Karoo
Carte Blanche had a feature this past Sunday on the proposed fracking for shale gas in the Karoo. You can find the transcript for the feature here… http://beta.mnet.co.za/carteblanche/Article.aspx?Id=4290&ShowId=1
– And a video on what the gas industry is doing in Australia..
– The shale gas phenomenon is causing a rumpus in the Karoo
– Old Train Warehouse Turned into Organic Fair Trade People’s Market in Buenos Aires
– For those of you interested in peak oil, here is the website for ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil) SA
Closing on a lighter note…
Check out this video on a very interesting subsistence farming project in Cape Town called Abalimi Benzekhaya
You can learn more about Abalimi on their website here… http://www.abalimi.org.za/
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