NMB TN Newsletter – 15/02/2011

Here’s whats in the news this week…..

Firstly…very important….


Green Drinks evening for Feb
Our GreenDrinks evening will be taking place this Thursday (17 Feb) again at Andrea’s place at 6 Morrison Str, Glendinningvale from 7pm.
So if you are keen to meet other people with an interest in green living and/or environmental concerns, why not join us, and feel free to drag a friend along.


One thing that really seems to be generating some huffing and puffing are applications by a few oil and gas companies to explore the Karoo for shale gas. For a number of reasons we should reject these applications, one in particular is the amount of water required for the ‘fracking’ process..
Fracking Karoo Might Need Trillions of Litres Of Water
More media articles on the topic
SA Farmers Oppose Shell’s Shale Gas Plans
DA Wants Moratorium On Karoo Gas Exploration
In the National Climate Change Response Green Paper, Government speaks of making a transition to a low-carbon economy and society. To approve applications by these companies would be to complete contradict that goal. If we are to make this transition, then we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (such as oil, coal and gas), not go looking for more of it. In doing so we will be taking a big in addressing the issues of environmental degradation and climate change, while also moving more effectively towards a low-carbon and locally resilient society.
We recently submitted our comments for the National Climate Change Response Green Paper.
You can view them on our website…
Presentation for Architecture Students
I am expected to give a presentation on Transition to students in the Architecture Dept at NMMU in March which I am very much looking forward to. I don’t have very much knowledge in the field of architecture, so am curious to hear your thoughts on how it fits in to the whole the Transition process. I will be asking the students the same question, but I know we have a few architects on our mailing list, so I thought I’d put the question out now and see what you have to say.
On that note…
Argentinian Mountain Home by Studio Ramos Sprouts a Green Roof
Local Footprint Programme Seminar
A number of you were attending a series of seminars last year organized by Department of Social Development which looked at Climate Change, Population and Development. The international training session took place in November, and now another seminar has been scheduled for March which will be looking at the lessons learned at that session and the way forward for the programme in the metro.
I have placed details of the event on our website for those who may be interested in attending.
Understandably, few people have any faith in our municipality to address the issues of climate change and peak oil. If anything is really going to get done, its up to us at the bottom to step up and make the difference.

…a few more interesting links for you…


Whole lotta local love 

Valentine’s Day has just gone by, and although this article came in that spirit, it is still relevant to any other occasion. Its about really showing love locally, supporting local producers and service providers when giving to another.

On that note of local…another Transition Voice article on Food Security and Food Culture

Here’s to the Saudis…
For those of you who may be wishfully thinking that the Saudis will soften our oil crisis..think again…
Revelations that the Saudis have overstated their oil reserves are a timely reminder of the huge threat to the global economy

And just to remind you, the International Energy Agency recently admitted that in 2006 we peaked in the production of conventional oil, so Peak Oil is no longer just a theory, its happened and now we must prepare our way down the energy slope.

Well I think I’ve given you more than enough for this week… so I’ll end off here with an amusing cartoon from the Transition Culture website
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