NMB Transition Network Newsletter – 02/02/2011

Hi all.

First up, I want to remind you of our Introduction To Permaculture workshop taking place later this month. Last I heard there we 12 spots still available, so best you book fast if you are interested. More details can be found here:


Why are we putting so much emphasis on growing your own food and changing how our food system works? Perhaps this short article will help put things into perspective..


Today (2 Feb) is World Wetlands Day and Ramsar is celebrating 40 years of caring for wetlands.  Because 2011 has been chosen as the UN International Year Of Forests, the slogan for Ramsar this year is “Forests for Water and Wetlands”.  If you want to read more about Ramsar, and the importance of wetlands and forests, visit their website (http://www.ramsar.org) or read through this leaflet which you can download from their WWD 2011 page…


Seeing as 2011 is the UN International Year of Forests, I think we should make plans for some tree planting events around our schools and parks…

The Lion Roars Foundation is having a fund-raising and awareness event on Sunday 13 Feb for the Baakens River Valley. Money raised will go to Security, Dustbins, Security signs on walk ways with contact numbers, Alien vegetation removal, Path clearing and Refuse clean ups. Details of this event can be found here…


and a little more here..


Something you don’t see very much of these days, except perhaps around the city center, are flat roofed buildings. I quite like the idea of using roof space for greenery which can help to clean the air and reduce the temperature in an area. It could even be a space to grow food for the occupants of the building.

Here are two ideas I came across that look at adding greenery to the roof and wall space of buidlings…

Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens


Augustenborg Botanical Garden is a Red, Yellow, and Green Roof Bursting with Color


If you are keen to get your hands on some local, organic produce, Merryl Leverington is bringing some in from a nearby farmer… you can find out more here


A whole lot has been happening out in the world of Transition… for a January round-up, visit the Transition Culture website


I’m interested to hear your thoughts about how you envision a low-carbon, locally resilient metro so why not drop me an email or join our Facebook group and comment on the discussion topic there. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to developing the vision that we can work towards, together.


I’ll leave it at that for now…until next week…

Ryan Allan

NMB Transition Network

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