Fresh, local, organic veggies available

Hi All!

Wonderful to be back in sunny SA and more importantly to be eating Leo’s lovely organic veggies which I am once again ordering  weekly and herewith is the list of what’s available at the moment for those of you who would like to jump on board and place orders with me for fresh from the farm organic veg.

As per Leo’s request  I will be receiving my veg on a Wednesday. .. thus you will need to collect from me on a Wednesday between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.  Delivery to you on a Wednesday evening is also an option.

I  also have luscious organic lemons from Addo . Lemons are so cleansing to the system and a slice of lemon in a glass of cool water is the perfect refreshment especially at this time of year.

I have micro greens available too that are harvested literally minutes before you collect.  These little greens come packed solid with nutrients so dense, it’s hard to find anything else that meets their match. Seeds and sprouts have a ton of energy within them…. the energy it takes to get them from where they are now into a full grown plant is enormous, and it’s right there inside them. If we eat them at this state of their growth, we ingest all that powerful energy which can be utilized for our own bodies.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Health be yours

Merryl Leverington


041 3674500

The list of available items can be found here….. Availability List

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