NMB Transition Network Newsletter – 24/01/2010

Introduction To Permaculture Workshop

Exciting news….details of our first food growing workshop have been finalized. It will be a two and a half day introduction to permaculture workshop with all you need to know about growing your own food at home, from composting and design to natural pest control and companion planting. The workshop will be start late afternoon on Friday 18 Feb and finish on Sunday 20th. Below is the link for the invite with all the particulars which can be found on our website:

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Permaculture, browse through the PermaculturePrinciples website which explains it quite nicely. In fact, the Transition Movement grew from the principles of permaculture.
On that note, here is an interesting article that looks at the idea of moving Beyond Sustainability, beyond mere reducing, reusing and recycling, but instead actively contributing and regenerating…
On the creative side of things….
Cardboard box lampshades
Tupperware lampshade
Plastic bags recycled for making rocking chairs
Construct a dining table from wood pallets
Thats it for now. Remember to book your spot for the introduction to permaculture workshop ASAP as space is limited to 24 persons, and should fill up fast.
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