Workshop: Starting a Permaculture Garden

Workshop: Starting a Permaculture Garden

19th – 20th February 2011 @ Lake Farm Centre

(A Partnership Initiative)

This workshop introduces you to the Permaculture principles which will equip you with the tools to live sustainably. You will be able to start planning and designing your own space, so that you are able to grow healthy, organic food. Permaculture is a design system that builds sustainable human habitats, drawing inspiration from patterns in natural systems.

Themes covered in this workshop:
• Introduction to Permaculture                           • Ethics and design principles
• Garden design                                                       • Zoning and sectors
• Water catchments and use                                 • Urban animals
• Soil conditioning and fertility                            • Creating and caring for the soil
• Creating compost                                                  • Various Bed preparations
• Mandala Farming                                                 • Worm farming
• Crop rotation                                                         • Companion planting

• Natural pesticides                                                             • Mushrooms

About the workshop: The weekend workshop runs from 4 pm Friday to after lunch on the Sunday.  This hands-on practical workshop offers you many opportunities to develop skills, so come with your favorite garden tools and  sun protection.  A light lunch will be available, or you may bring along refreshments.

A special introductory  fee of R 500.00 includes the following:

– An Introduction to Permaculture Design Manuel (Created by Hazel Mugford)

– 12 hours of instruction by three qualified Permaculture Guides

– All materials required for the course

A starter kit enabling you to get started with your own vegetable patch is available for an additional fee.

A starter kit to start your own mushroom farm will be available to purchase

For more information please call Naomi at +27828 0082

To register, email Helene at

What is Lake Farm Centre about and how can you support us as a charity?

Our mission:  WE CARE as a friendly and loving home and village for intellectually disabled adults.

We are a registered home for 90 intellectually disabled adult residents.  The non-profit organisation was established in 1960 when parents had a need to provide appropriate care for their disabled children.

All our residents have intellectual disabilities and some of them also suffer from other conditions including: Down Syndrome, epileptic seizures, hearing & visual disabilities, cerebral palsy and other physical challenges.

We have 8 workgroups and workshops where all residents are productive each according to their ability. Workgroups include farming with cattle and veggie gardens, pottery, home industries, woodwork, recycling waste, bakery, embroidery and other arts and crafts.

We have an eco-friendly approach and “go green” activities that include solar-geysers, organic farming, recycling waste and recycling our own sewerage and grey water.

The residential centre has 42 staff members and about 35 of them stay on the premises.

Our coffee shop is open for the public over weekends in the morning between 10 and 12:30 and for small groups during the week if they book a visit through the office.

Our own Lake Farm Centre music group often plays at well-known public venues and functions in Port Elizabeth.

About 20 of our residents are orphans and do not receive financial or social support from families.  We have to do fundraising as a charity because the state subsidy only cover part of our monthly running expenses.

You can support us by visiting our coffee shop, bringing your recyclable waste, making donations, attending our annual Charity Fun Run and Fête or by becoming a volunteer worker.

Herewith the following with regards to our legal status as a charity:-

  • We have a management board as a registered PBO and NPO with ref. 003-544 in the Social Services Sector ;
  • Registered with Department of Social Development as Home for 90 Disabled Persons dependent on state subsidy and fundraising as charity;
  • We have received grants form Lotto in the recent past;
  • Our auditors are PKF in Port Elizabeth.

If  you need more information, kindly visit our website at , phone our office 041-3791555 and visit us just off Kragga Kamma Road, Port Elizabeth.

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