NMB Transition Network Newsletter 20/01/2011

First up…SA is busy working on its National Climate Change Response, and the draft green paper is up on their website. A series of public participation workshops are busy taking place, and the one for Easter Cape took place yesterday (19 January) in East London. for more info and a copy of the green paper, visit the site here: http://www.climateresponse.co.za/

Comments can be sent via post or email, so if you get a chance, please read through the document and send you comments by 11 Feb 2011.

The sandbag house in Jbay is moving along nicely. All the window and door frames are in and the walls are busy being stacked with sandbags. You can follow the progress on their blog here: http://sandbaghouseinjbay.wordpress.com/.

While helping with the sandbag house, I happened to meet someone working for a Cape Town organization called Mamelani Projects. I really enjoy seeing new and creative ways to turn waste into something useful, and one of the income generating programmes that Mamelani runs involves a group of ladies turning boxes from things like cereals, washing powders and juices, into some pretty funky looking wallets which they call Lucky Spaji (spaji being the Xhosa word for wallet). You can check them out here: http://www.mamelani.org.za/products/details/lucki-spaji-wallets

Some very interesting articles have been popping up on the Transition Voice website:

Mindfulness amid Chaos

Home Grown: Yogurt

Transitional Garden

Now last year I said that this year it was time for us to get practical in reducing our negative impact on the environment as well as our dependence on fossil fuels. Well, food growing workshops are busy being planned and hopefully by end of Feb or March we’ll be ready for our first one which is expected to be a weekend introduction to permaculture workshop. Along with that, it would be nice to have some open days at people’s homes to see what they are doing in their gardens, so if you are doing some interesting things with your garden in terms of growing your own food, catching rainwater, and/or composting, and want to share, be sure to let us know. We’d also like to have an open space discussion at some point with a topic along the lines of “How will NMB feed itself in a post-oil world?”. This way we can collectively come up with a strategy for our metro as everyone brings their ideas to the table while also identifying possible problem areas that some may not have thought of.

Our GreenDrinks will continue this Thursday (20 Jan), 7pm at 6 Morrison Str, Glendinningvale. So be sure to join us if you are keen to meet some like-minded green thinkers. Remember, water and tea are drinks too, but you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine with you.

Lastly, an image with a clever way to recycle grey water from your bathroom basin…. 

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