NMB Transition Network Newsletter 08/01/2011

Welcome to 2011 everyone. This year is sure to be an interesting one as we work even harder toward a low-carbon and locally resilient metro.

The IEA’s New Peak
First item on the news for today : The International Energy Agency (IEA) has at long last admitted that we have peaked in the production of conventional oil, and that we did so not yesterday, but back in 2006. So that leaves us with the dirty, difficult-to-extract oil from tar sands and offshore drilling (and we saw last year the devastating impacts of such operations). Already the cost of oil is climbing steadily toward $100 per barrel, and will probably continue well past that. Now for most that must look pretty frightening, and it is, but on the other hand it makes all this energy decent and localization stuff make far more sense. It gives us that nudge we need to engage with the people around us and find creative ways to build the resilience of our community.

Have a look at the article on the Post Carbon Institute website here

A December round-up of whats happening out in the world of Transition
Wondering just what people are doing to build that resilience I spoke of? Well, take a look at what Transition initiatives around the world are getting up to here

Take not of the first item on that which is about the first Transition Favela (township) in Brazil. One of the things I really love about the Transition concept is that it can be applied anywhere, from very wealthy communities, to extremely poor ones. The principles are the same.

Transition Cities: Mission Impossible?
Are we crazy to think that we can Transition an entire city? I wouldn’t say so. The scale of it does make things a little more difficult, but that hasn’t stopped cities much bigger than ours, such as London and Los Angeles, from taking up the opportunity for Transition. What if we broke things down into smaller, more manageable areas like neighbourhoods, or perhaps whole wards? Each one begins to localize where they can, and build the resilience of there community, and together, this collection of Transition neighbourhoods bring the entire city to Transition status.

Here’s an article by Joanne Poyourow from Transition LA on this topic.

Sandbag Eco-home in JBay
Over the last two weeks I’ve gone through to JBay to spend a few days helping the Urban Harvest ladies, Jakkie and Susan, to build a sandbag house for their mom. The last of the frames fro the house went up on Thursday afternoon and now its time to start stacking the walls with sandbags. If I’m not mistaken, the house requires around 18000 sandbags of around 7kgs each. Once they get their blog is up and running, I will send out the link so that you can follow their progress. If you want more info or are keen to visit the build site, or even lend a hand, why not give Susan a call on 084 329 8410.

NMB Transition Network Website
Due to issues with our Google website, I have created a new site on WordPress. So if you want to read our latest newsletter and keep up to date with whats happening, be sure to visit our website here

Well…thats all for now.
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